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Adapted Training


The expertise acquired by Engrenage Provincial in the fields of aluminum, pulp and paper, lumber, mining, manufacturing and other industries, makes us a team that knows the needs of the industry.

We can:

  • Construct a training course tailored to your needs and your reality (training on the hydraulic system of a particular machine, for example)
  • Move our material resources to your premises (training bench, cut hydraulic components, new and used parts, technical documentation)
  • Determine your training objectives with you, to align with your short-, medium and long term needs
  • Adapt your existing training facilities, at a low cost
  • Evaluate your staff to work with you to establish the goals to be achieved during training
  • Develop specific training manuals for your equipment and your staff
  • Update your technical documentation

Classes are taught in our training facilities or at your facility.

For more information on our training, contact us today.

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