In order to remain competitive and properly address the labor shortage, it is essential to focus on the development of high-level skills. Our training courses are adapted to the reality of both small and large companies, whether employees require training from scratch or to upgrade their skill set.

Online Training
Tailored Training
On the Cutting Edge
Complete Program

Online Training

It’s no secret that the current global health situation complicates the organization of in-person training. Moreover, the scarcity of labor makes it difficult, if not impossible, to free yourself up for a few days in a row for training.

In order to face these challenges, the EP Group has equipped its training room to make it interactive and to offer quality virtual training.

Benefits of online training:

  • Greater flexibility with regard to class schedules (for example: possibility of doing blocks of 4 hours rather than having to monopolize the workforce for several days)
  • < li>Eliminates travel and living expenses
  • Avoids health-related complications

Tailored Training

Our team is able to craft appropriate training systems, whether to standardize skills or to use the full potential of any equipment.

The expertise acquired in the fields of aluminum, pulp and paper, lumber, and mining as well as in other manufacturing industries allows us to provide sufficient content and establish coherent objectives tailored to your reality.

On the Cutting Edge

The training room includes:

  • Cameras with multiple angles and zoom settings that allow you to see the trainer as if you were there!
  • A microphone system that ensures good sound quality
  • A monitor and loudspeakers allowing the trainer to see and answer participants' questions
  • We also have cutaway demos of components and didactic test benches

Complete Program

EP Group training includes:

  • Communicative animations that facilitate learning
  • Examples made with real components and test benches
  • Quizzes and periodic assessments that validate your understanding of the material
  • A progressive and systematic organization of the concepts allowing to pass from a neophyte to an advanced level (for examples, diagrams start out simple and become increasingly complex)

Educational Tools

All useful material resources are made available to you: test benches, cut components, video projectors, etc. Training sessions are given in our classroom or at home, depending on your needs.

Experienced Trainers

Our instructors have a robust pedagogical background and extensive experience in the industrial sector. They are exclusively dedicated to training in order to provide local support.

Recognized Training

The quality of our instructors is widely recognized. They are certified under the accreditation of training organizations, trainers, and training services in accordance with the "1% law."

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