EP Group At EP, we have updated and refined our strategy. This proved to be a special moment for the entire team. The richness, depth, and quality of our exchanges have united us, guiding us toward the future.

EP’S VISION Through a clear vision of our future, we can anticipate our place in the market with foresight and agility at our side. “As a leader in the industrial and mobile equipment markets offering innovative technological solutions, EP ensures its sustainability through structured and profitable growth, optimized business processes, a judicious choice of partners, and the unmatched expertise of its team.”

Mission It is essential for EP to have a mobilizing mission, one that acts as a driving force in our daily lives. “Empowering our customers through the strength of our innovative technological support, quality products, and robust services.”

Company values The drive to deliver our very best day after day is at the heart of our values. This is in our DNA, and it’s what separates us from the competition. Our values empower not only our working bonds, but also our business relationships. They represent the very essence of EP’s culture.

Respect and integrity

These values are at the heart of the EP Group's culture. There is a zero tolerance policy for lack of respect or integrity.


At EP, our expertise is palpable. Everywhere, all the time, with everyone. Our customers deserve nothing but the best.


Birds of a feather flock together. 50 years of dedication have allowed us to forge a deep bond allowing us to overcome even the most difficult obstacles. Elbow to elbow, heart to heart.


Passion is key in bringing out your very best. Pure power.

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